Everyone has heard the phrase ‘Beer Goggles’ but, little did you know they are actually a real thing!?

Beer Goggles can now be justified as a valid ‘excuse’ – so that girl’s number you got the night before and are now slowly regretting has an answer as a survey carried out by Illicit Encounters revealed that beer goggles also know as the ‘phenomenon in which one’s consumption of alcohol makes physically unattractive persons appear beautiful’ (Not to us of course) is a true thing.

The survey which was sent out to 1,000 drinkers exposed that 74% of women believe that the impact of alcohol can make a guy who was not admirable become attractive once they have had a few to drink! Whilst 84% of men claimed that once consumed their fair share of alcohol the girl that at first was not on their ‘list to pull’ moves onto the list which persuades them to ‘try’ and take things further!

Research also found that 54% of women kept their beer goggles on for too long and ended up in the bed of the guy they will not be sharing with their girls! A further 64% of men have also been in that situation where they either couldn’t or decided not to take their goggles off! 76% admitted that after their one night stands they did not go on a second date – Unfortunately Cupid did not visit these alcohol junkies.

With results season approaching, the survey took to students and 54% of men revealed that they had beer goggle ‘encounters’ whilst at university as did 48% of women!

In total out of the 1,000 people surveyed 92% of men believe that alcohol increased the chances of having sex on a first date! However this isn’t shocking as 90% of men claim cheese would do the same! (Perfect time to pull out the beer goggles excuse!)

Christian Grant, a spokesperson at Illicit Encounters shares his opinion;

“Dating is a successful business – you are meeting a new person and need to make a good impression fast.

“It’s no wonder that both sexes find that drinking alcohol makes the whole process a lot easier. As the booze flows, inevitably the beer goggles come on dates that might have finished with a quick peck on the cheek end up going far further.

“That is the experience of millions of people who are dating online, including lots of members of Illicit Encounters – you end up kissing a few ugly ducklings before meeting your swan. Beer goggle sex may not lead to true love most of the time, but it can often be a lot fun.”

Who would of thought that the term ‘beer goggles’ could in-fact be a real thing!?